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About Artistry Aesthetics


At Artistry Aesthetics, we have a passion for healthy skin and realize the impact it can have on an individual’s self-confidence and overall well-being. Our mission and philosophy guide us in providing exceptional medical skincare services that not only transform the skin but also uplift the spirit.

We recognize our clients each have individual skin care needs and goals.  Our approach is rooted in personalized care and professional treatment. We thoroughly assess each client’s skin type, concerns and goals.  Your treatment is specific to you.

We are dedicated to ethical business practices and environmental responsibility. We source products and ingredients that are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly, aligning with our values of compassion and sustainability.

We continuously stay updated on the latest research and technologies to provide our clients with the most innovative treatments. We prioritize safety, efficacy and the long-term well-being of our clients.

About us

about artistry aesthetics forest lake leading med spa

Founder & Owner

Corina Duran, RN
RN Injector
Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Corina is a talented RN Injector, and Cosmetic Tattoo Artist. Establishing herself as an Advanced RN Injector she enjoys time with clients and teaching the next generation of RN Injectors. Her experience in the industry keeps her in the know of the most cutting edge treatments available.
Corina seeks out new and beneficial treatments for clients. She implements training for the safest techniques to train and empower RN injectors based on an individual’s anatomy.

Meet the Artists at Artistry

Amanda Wolner

Manager and AP Aesthetician
10+  years in cosmetic dermatology & the aesthetics field. She has dedicated herself to advanced training and staying current in new technologies. Amanda’s experience with management, marketing, and her medical background makes her a perfect fit to mentor both our clients and staff. After being a part of 2 growing clinics in the twin cities, she has now decided to partner with Artistry Aesthetics to help us grow!

Kaylee Bauer

Client Experience Coordinator & Receptionist
Kaylee has always been passionate about creating strong connections with others. She is always striving to make a positive environment around her and enjoys working with others who do the same. That's why she is so grateful to be a part of the Artistry family! When she is not chatting with you on the phone or scheduling your appointments, she enjoys running, trying new coffee shops & traveling!

Jamie Fedder, RN

RN Injector
Jamie loves to learn. With 9 years experience in pediatric oncology and critical care she joined Artistry in 2022 as an RN Injector. "My goal is to give natural outcomes that will boost my clients confidence and already beautiful appearance." Jamie spends her time with her family and horses.

Denise Carlson

AP Aesthetician
Denise is an Advanced Practice Aesthetician and Laser Tech. Working in the Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery field for over 15 years, she enjoys helping clients with complex skin conditions like: hyperpigmentation, scarring, and rosacea. She takes pride in remaining educated and skilled on state of the art treatments to improve all skin conditions. Outside of Artistry, Denise enjoys keeping busy with her three children and all their activities. 

Kallie Powell

AP Aesthetician
Kallie is an Advanced Practice Easthetician. Her lifelong passion has evolved into a promising career. Kallie is devoted to skin health education, and making your skin goals a reality. She enjoys getting to know her clients, focused on customizing treatments to meet your specific skin concerns. Kallie prides herself in making every appointment memorable.

Thomas Joles, MD

Thomas Joles is a licensed Physician who shares a love for aesthetics.  He prides himself in directing professionals in the aesthetic world and  strives to create and maintain a safe environment for our clients.