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Moxi Laser Treatment

  • Ready to upgrade your skincare regimen with a powerful solution for younger-looking skin.
  • Performed year-round and on all skin types, men and women love their results from Moxi.
  • Moxi is Sciton’s newest fractionated laser for revitalizing skin. Just a quick 12-15 minute treatment with minimal downtime or discomfort.
  • Moxi reduces pigment and improves the skin’s overall tone and texture.
  • The treatment is perfect if you’re looking to correct the appearance of sun damage and aging
moxi treatment forest lake mn

Moxi Treats:

  • Wrinkles
  • Appearance of minor skin laxity
  • Pore Texture

The Moxi handpiece delivers comfortable non-ablative laser energy which revitalizes your skin…during a span of a lunch break! 

Moxi is designed as a preventative skincare treatment to correct the initial signs of sun damage and the appearance of aging skin without downtime.

Ask about combining Moxi with other treatments, such as BBL HERO, for more powerful, visible results.